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Quick OverviewThe natural alternative of BOTOXReduces 74% of lines in less than 48 Fill in the dermis and eliminates wrinklesSofter and luminous appearanceFull descriptionINTENSIVE ANTI AGING TREATMENT With the newest technology and organic ingredients from Switzerland, France and Germany, it provides a more youthful appearance to your face, neck and bust. ESB JUVENTUD Recommended use for those over 30 years old to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles with immediate and lasting effects. Juventud contain Argireline  .this anti-wrinkle peptide, the first of its generation, attenuates wrinkles and expression lines, reducing the depth of both , the face becomes smoother.   FOR BEST RESULTS, WE RECOMMEND APPLYING SUNSCREEN AFTER THE JUVENTUD- IT GIVES THE SKIN AN APPEARANCE OF GREATER VOLUME, SOFTER AND BRIGHTER.- THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE (NON-TOXIC) TO BOTOX INJECTIONS.- REDEFINES AND PERFECTS THE CURVES OF THE FACE; IT GIVES VOLUME AND FIRMNESS TO THE FACE AND BUST.- REDUCES THE APPEARANCE OF FINE WRINKLES BY 74% IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS.- SCIENTISTS LIVE STUDIES DEMONSTRATE THESE SURPRISING RESULTS.- FILL THE DERMIS TO HELP ELIMINATE WRINKLES, CRACKS OR PORES WITH ELEGANT AND SILKY TEXTURE.- PROVIDES A RADIANT AND HEALTHY BUST, LIFT AND INCREASE UP TO ONE SIZE. HOW TO USE: • Clean the face, neck properly• Apply the Juventud in the morning and at night in the areas to be treated• Apply gently using your fingers in the desired areas, distributing the product properly• Do not forget in the morning to apply your sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage UVAMAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTAcetyl hexapeptide-8 (BOTOX LIKE): Modulates and stimulates facial muscles and expressions, is the non-toxic alternative to Botox INJECTIONRetinol: Promotes cellular renewal, for a silky, soft and firmer  skin. It has a positive effect on the production of new cells with more collagen and elastin fibers. The skin will look more youthful and defined at the same time, will reduce the pigmentation that is caused by cellular damage.Sodium hyaluronate: It has the ability to accumulate large amounts of water molecules, up to 1000 times more than its weight in water, providing facial tissues a moist environment which is essential for cellular regeneration. When topically applied to the skin can reach the dermis, to combine and attract more water molecules.Promotes the microcirculation and absorption of nutrients to maintain normal metabolism. Reducing wrinkles. Redefines and enhances the curves of the face, filling expression lines, providing more firmness to the face and bust.
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