Caléndula Cream

Caléndula Cream

 Full description:
 This wonderful plant has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, antispasmodic, emenagogue, choleretic, antihemorrhagic and healing properties.  
BENEFITS OF CALENDULA: In burns, private area scalds (rashes) and rubs, reduces inflammation and promotes the regeneration of the skin.  On pimples, to treat acne, clean and disinfect.  On dry eczema, boils and abscesses, correct and heal.  In atopic dermatitis, including that affecting babies, relieves diaper irritation and allergic skin.  In insect bites, calendula acts as an anti-infective and anti-inflammatory, to treat cuts, scratches, blisters and sprains.  In bruises and bumps, it reduces swelling and relieves pain.  Regenerates irritated skin, aged, punished by the sun and the passage of time.  It helps fight fungal infection, mycosis in the hands and feet, such as athlete's foot, and candidiasis.
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